TV Spots
Whether you need a TV spot to build your brand, sell a product directly from TV (known as Direct Response) or generate leads, 365 Advertising has the expertise and experience to get the best possible result. Our spots have the impact needed to break through the clutter of crowded commercial breaks and achieve response objectives while building your brand.We combine eye catching creative with our sharp media buying to give you an enormously effective advertising tool for a price that is surprisingly affordable.

Print advertising is still often the best way to reach your target audience. It offers a unique solution to reach readers who get deeply involved with their favorite publications.Ads produced by 365 Advertising include benefit driven headlines, comprehensive product information, testimonials and a value driven pitch designed to incite action.

Digital Interactive (Internet)

We start with website design (or redesign if need be). From there, we use ourĀ  experience and expertise in the use of meta tags and relevant links to get your website ranked higher in search engines. We can also help you generate “hits”, leads and business using paid internet advertising (i.e. Google ad words and the like).We design rich, content-loaded websites and can include video, dynamic links and custom scripting. All this at prices that YOU can afford.

Media Planning
Whether you are trying to build your brand, sell a product directly or generate a lead, you need to hit the correct demographics. Why waste valuable ad dollars? Our research and 41 years experience will make sure you reach the correct audience with suitable frequency. We can put together a multiple prong approach utilizing all media outlets including TV, print, radio, direct mail and the internet.

Share the Cost (Click Here for more info)
This is the concept behind our commercial on the front page of this site. We use multiple, non-competing, local businesses to “leverage” their ad dollars for larger and more affordable media buys. You could share a 30 second spot (your business gets 15 seconds) with a non-competing company that gets over 100 per month on major cable networks for a price so affordable the media outlets would have a problem with us mentioning it here.

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